Steps for Choosing a Writing Topic

Freedom is always desirable, but it is seldom easy to handle. This remark is suitable for students, especially. Consider the great challenge students face when they are writing essays. Even the thought of writing one makes many students cringe. Often the result is the student asking an academic writer- please do my homework for money.
To make things easy, teachers often give students the freedom to write about topics they wish. It is common to find students complaining about how hard the topic of an essay really is. It is even more common for students to feel confused about which topic to choose when they are given that freedom.
The following steps would help students with how to write an essay topic.

Determine the Type of Essay You Want to Write

The very first thing about choosing a topic is to determine the essay's purpose. This depends on the kind of writing piece you want when the writing process ends. Making things a bit hard for students is that there is a wide variety of essay types. Each type demands its own approach and method.

The Different Types of Essays

A particular essay type comes with special requirements. These needs are not restricted to the writing process and extend to the kind of topic as well. For example, argumentative essays come alive with controversial issues. For a comparative essay, on the other hand, you need to compare two items or concepts. The actual thing being compared is diverse. It can be something like literature and ideologies. The different essay types are:
• Argumentative Essay
• Explanatory Essay
• Comparative Essay
• Narrative or Descriptive Essay

Brainstorm Different Themes

Once you have chosen the type of essay to write about, it is time to brainstorm about potential topics. Search within yourself, what do you like, what seems to be interesting enough to explore in an essay. Writing is a time-consuming process, and you are likely to take several days to finish the process. So, you must be writing about something that seems interesting. You would do well to come up with three themes in this step. However, be sure that the issue is relevant to the academic purpose it serves.

Analyze the Topics You Have Shortlisted

Make sure that you analyze your essay topics. The first thing to do in this is to determine its scope. Broad issues don't need specific facts or data. Be sure of whether you want to write a general overview of the subject matter. You can also decide to concentrate on a narrower field within the broad topic. Narrow topics are helpful in that you know exactly what to write about.

Make Sure There's Plenty of Information Sources

Writing an academic essay means you will have to cite and refer to the information you present. So, you need to ensure that there's plenty of information sources on the topic of your choice. You might come up with a really narrow topic. But, remember, if you don't find information on the subject, you won't be able to write about it.

Is the Topic Currently Popular

This is the last question you want to consider before you hire a science homework helper. Due to the nature of public discussion, some essay topics are more popular than others. Try to pick an essay topic that is widely discussed!